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Yoga at Hummingbird



 Hummingbird Teachers meets the needs of students beginning their journey with yoga, as well as those who have been practicing for many years.  We view yoga as much more than a physical practice for it seeks to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.  

Each class at Hummingbird has something different to offer in terms of personal development.  Gentle classes provide a chance to slow down and become connected to a mindful attitude.  More vigorous classes allow us to bring a mindful attitude into a more challenging experience in the physical realm.  However, every class at Hummingbird incorporates mindfulness into the practice, which will give you tools that can be applied in your everyday life.  These techniques can help you be more present, more focused, and better equipped to handle pressure, whether it be at your job, in school, in athletics, or just life in general.

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