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Linda Geraghty, LMT, E-RYT

Owner & Studio Director

Owner/Studio Director

Specialties: Addiction/Trauma Recovery Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, and Myofascial Release.

Linda is both a yoga teacher and a massage therapist, as well as the founder and owner of Hummingbird Healing Yoga and Massage.  Both modalities – yoga and massage – have been fundamental aspects of her life for many years, and she is honored to share them with the Hummingbird community. Read more...

Maureen Berry, RYT

Specialties: Foundation Poses, Breath Awareness, and Gentle Sequencing​

“Everybody’s middle way is a different middle way; everyone practices in order to find out for him- or herself personally how to be balanced, how to be not too tight and not too loose.  No one else can tell you. You just have to find out for yourself.”
~ Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving-Kindness

Maureen discovered a path to her “middle way” in the fall of 2006 when she attended her first yoga  Read more...

Val Boyko, E-RYT500, YACEP

Specialties:  Healthy Aging, Lower Back Care, Returning after Injury or Surgery, Yoga Teacher Mentorning, 
Restorative, Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Val is an Advanced Kripalu Yoga Teacher and loves what she does!  She started her yoga journey in her 40's at East Eagle Yoga in Havertown, where she took her initial 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Val is a life-long learner with a passion to teach what she has learned with others. Read more...

Sara Burns

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In 2015 when Sara became serious in her journey to recover from addiction, she started making homemade natural soap and created the company “Kiss My Soul.” The next natural step in her recovery journey was adding meditation and yoga practice for mind-body wellness.

Sara found the breathing, balancing, and stretching of yoga was very centering and empowering. She discovered a new awareness of her feet touching the ground and her newfound energy connection with the Earth. Sara has also noticed that body acceptance is often a barrier for some women accessing yoga. Creating a welcoming environment and offering modifications for curvy bodies became her mission.

In 2017, the next step in Sara’s spiritual journey was to receive training and attunements for Reiki I and II energy work. Then in 2018, she enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at Hummingbird. Sara’s goal for her Community Class is to create a welcoming yoga space for all levels and all bodies with the intention that students leave with a freer and more open mind, body, and spirit. Sara Looks forward to offering Restorative Yoga to the Hummingbird Community.

Deb Brownstein, CYT

Deb found yoga in 2008 while struggling with post-traumatic stress from pregnancy-related events.  It was through her practice that Deb found perspective, allowed to just "BE" in whatever state she was in, the weight of life shifted and became lighter, leaving behind clarity.  

The yogic path of healing revealed, she began her teacher certification in 2009 in Ashtanga.  In 2011, she found Alignment-based training and in 2012 Pre- and Post-natal training.  Read more...

Gabrielle Cipollone, Certified Reflexologist

Born and raised in East Germany, Gabi started rowing at the age of 13. As a result of hard work and dedication to the sport of rowing, she participated in the 1976 and 1980 Olympics and came home both times with a gold medal.

After high school, Gabi studied at the University of Dresden Civil Engineering and worked as a Construction Manager until 1995 when she moved to the U.S. with her two sons to marry her husband Mike. Read more...

Myra Clemens, LMT

When asked why she became a massage therapist, Myra says, "I am a healer in my heart."  Myra wants to help people to enjoy the best quality of life possible. She believes that therapeutic touch is a necessity for optimal health and general well-being. Further, she believes that most people are deficient in giving and receiving therapeutic touch and wants to help change that.  Read more...

Israel Gonzalez, LMT

Israel Gonzalez grew up in a community where touch was an integral part of his culture. Even as a young child, Israel helped to relieve the stress and overworked muscles of his parents. He would continue to massage his friends and family throughout his life. Read more...

Noelle Hammerbacher, MS, RYT

Operations Manager

Specialties: All Levels, Vinyasa, Proper Alignment, and Relaxation.

At the urging of a friend, Noelle took her first yoga class about 15 years ago and was totally captivated.   She was fascinated with the fact that, by simply focusing on her breath, she could empty her mind of its complex web of thoughts and just be present in the moment.  When she noticed that the physical and mental benefits Read more...

Aparna Kumar

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When I attended my first yoga class in 2003, the first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone wastowards me. I quickly realized that I was sitting on the teacher’s mat when she arrived. Oops! And, Ithought…”Sure, why not. I could teach.”What struck me the most about yoga was that it was a community of people, not just an exercise class. Ifound this sense of simply being with people very powerful.Through regular practice, yoga has allowed me to bring laughter and joy into my life and to others’ lives,even in the darkest moments. Over the years, I began to see that I could also bring the pauses present ina yoga class into my daily life.I have practiced regularly at one or two studios in the Philadelphia area, but also consider home DVDs abig part of my yoga experience! I have learned that you really can do yoga anywhere. In the spring of2018, I completed a children and teen yoga training with Kidding around Yoga. This led me to pursue a200 hour teacher training at Hummingbird Yoga in 2018. In the future, I hope to share yoga especiallywith children and teens struggling with any sort of mental health issue.Yoga for me is a way to bring out the light that is within each one of us. We all struggle with our innerbattle between lightness and darkness. My goal is to help people find that inner light, even when theyfeel that it is not possible.My community class will be a reflective, gentle flow class, suitable for all levels of yoga practice. Laughs, jokes, and lightness are invited!

Andi Lieberman

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Andi’s initial involvement with yoga began with the interest in complimenting her running withthe mental focus of yoga along with the physical aspect of the poses. At first, she was hesitantto try yoga, because she had the common misconception that one had to be flexible. However,as she grew in her practice, she came to learn that it is the intention for the pose that is thetrue path. Andi also discovered, much to her delight, that the focus on the breath and the mind-breath connection gave her a way to find balance in her life off of the mat. Using what she haslearned about breathwork in yoga has helped bring calmness and clarity to challenging lifesituations.Andi sees yoga as a connection between body and breath, physical and spiritual self, and life onand off the mat. The goal for her Community Class is to bring balance between movement andstillness on the mat so that it can serve as a bridge into the world outside the studio. Andi graduated from YTT 200 in June 2019 and is so eager to share her yoga journey with others. Andi is so grateful to have found Hummingbird, a warm, welcoming, and supportivecommunity. Namaste

Lynn Owens, LMT

Specialties: Stress Reduction, Relaxation, and Cancer Treatment Support

Lynn was initially introduced to the importance of health and wellness while working for one of the nation’s leaders in the health insurance industry.  Under high levels of stress in corporate America, Lynn found relief through regular massage treatments.  So, when her corporate path changed direction, she decided to put her time and energy into the thing that had made the biggest difference in her life - massage. Read more...

Nichole Seidell, RYT

Nichole tried her first yoga class 5 years ago after the birth of her daughter, having been on bed rest for many months. She fell in love with the mindfulness that the practice provided but more importantly, she connected on a personal level with her first teacher. Nichole believes yoga is about more than perfecting a fancy arm balance Read more...

Katie Winton, CYT

Katie's yoga journey began over nine years ago when she took her first yoga class outside at a park.  She was instantly attracted to the physical and spiritual practice, and how radiant and open she felt afterwards.  To this day, she still enjoys practicing outdoors any chance she can get. Read more...

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