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NECTAR   Training for Yoga Instructors /Health Professionals


Developed by Hummingbird Owner, Linda Geraghty, NECTAR® training prepares yoga instructors, 
addiction counselors, and other health professionals to teach Recovery Yoga classes.  Through discussion, interactive exercises, and hands-on practice, NECTAR Training attendees learn how to effectively serve this unique population, creating a nurturing, healing, and empowering experience in each and every class.


NECTAR is an 10-hour course* (two 5-hour segments) that provides a foundation of knowledge of addiction and trauma, draws connections between the principles of recovery and the principles of yoga, and addresses the practical concerns of teaching this group, including:


  • Understanding the role of Samskaras (pathways of the brain) and Somatics (trauma  trapped  in the body) in recovery

  • Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System (Fight/Flight/Freeze Response) and  how  Pranayama (Breath Control) directly affects this system

  • Choosing meaningful themes and facilitating share circles

  • Designing recovery-focused asana practices and savasana meditations 

Just $250 for both days!

* Counts for 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) with Yoga Alliance

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