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Katie Winton, CYT

Katie's yoga journey began over nine years ago when she took her first yoga class outside at a park.  She was instantly attracted to the physical and spiritual practice, and how radiant and open she felt afterwards.  To this day, she still enjoys practicing outdoors any chance she can get.


Katie became certified by her first yoga teacher and completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification in May, 2010.  She thrives on personal growth, and being connected to herself and others, so she continues to learn and grow through her own practice, so that she can offer her best to her students.  Katie offers a personal and individualized approach to her classes which is influenced by her inspiring teachers and students.  The basis of her teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit all body types, energy levels, and whatever anyone is going through physically and/or emotionally.  The sequence of her classes vary in accordance with students' experience and energy.  Katie's classes are accessible to beginners, while challenging for seasoned practitioners - with individual attention paid to each student.  She looks forward to seeing you, and connecting on and off your mat soon.

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