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NECTAR  2 Training


Join us for our next Nectar 2 training 


9 AM-6PM


Nurturing Energy Cultivates Trauma/Addiction Recovery 


We are very excited to introduce NECTAR® 2. In this eight-hour workshop, we will continue our exploration of Yoga for Recovery and Trauma! If you have already taken Hummingbird’s NECTAR® Training and would like to expand your knowledge in this area, we would love to support you.


NECTAR® 2 is yoga in action! We will spend eight hours together exploring effective class structure and teaching techniques.

Here is a list of subjects covered in this training:

  • Creating your own unique circle share

  • Timing your class

  • Selecting a theme for class

  • Starting Recovery/Trauma yoga classes in your area

  • Understanding healthy teacher/student relationship

  • Learning how to structure a class around 10 common recovery themes

  • Teaching from your heart

(Continuing Education Credits available through Yoga Alliance.)

$100 for this incredible training!


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