NECTAR For Bodyworkers

Addiction/Trauma Training

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Hummingbird Yoga and Massage, a pioneer in the use of mindfulness and yoga for addiction and trauma recovery, is now offering a training course for yoga teachers and/or massage therapists who are interested in serving this population.


Course Title:


NECTAR Training (Nurturing Energy Cultivates Trauma/Addiction Recovery)

This 8 hour training is geared towards bodyworkers, however is available to yoga instructors, therapists, addiction counselors, or anyone who has a desire to work with this very special population.

Cost:  $175.00


Course Description

Through discussions, interactive exercises, and hands-on practice, NECTAR® training attendees learn how to effectively serve this unique population, creating a nurturing, healing, and empowering experience in each session


Hummingbird’s NECTAR® (Nurturing Energy Cultivates Trauma and Addiction Recovery) training is a 8-hour course that provides foundational knowledge of addiction and trauma, , and addresses the practical concerns of serving this group of working with this population, including:

  • In depth understanding of what trauma and addiction is and how they effect the body/mind/spirit

  • Understanding the role of Samskaras (pathways of the brain) and Somatics (Trauma trapped in the tissues) in Trauma/Recovery

  • Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System (Flight/Fight/Freeze Response) and how Pranayama (Breath Control) Asana (Postures), and Touch (Massage) effect this system.

  • Holding Space for your client (Listening Skills)

  • How to approach and make contact with your client

  • Creating the right environment

  • Much More!

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a better understanding and compassion for those effected by addiction and trauma.

After learning about somatics and how trauma is stored in the body, the student will understand the importance of how to approach and communicate with their client, verbally, and non-verbally.

Students will understand Samskaras (Pathways in the brain) and how movement therapy and massage help to create new healthier pathways in the brain.

Students will have a good understanding of how to relax their client through breath practices, meditation, and hands on work.

*Counts for 8 continuing education credits (CECs) with Yoga Alliance as well as 10 continuing education credits with NCBTMB for massage therapists. 


Course Title:

Offering Massage For Trauma and Addiction (Must take our 8 hour NECTAR training listed above or our 10 hour NECTAR Training listed with the Yoga Trainings before taking this course)

Cost:  $175

The purpose of this course is to educate the student in the following areas;

  • Proper intake process for trauma/addiction population

  • Understanding the difference between massage during the detox period and the time from 2 months of sobriety to 18 months.

  • Through discussion and hands on work, the client will learn the massage modalities that are appropriate for people in early recovery from trauma and addiction.

  • Students will be equipped to work with the addiction and trauma population through hands on massage

Learning Objectives

  • Students will have developed an appropriate intake form for Addiction/Trauma population

  • Students will know how to communicate effectively with their clients to have a successful outcome from the massage session.

  • Students will have knowledge on when to work with clients on and off the table.

  • Students will understand how to add new offerings to the massage over time like aromatherapy, hot/cold towels, weighted blankets, cold stones, scrubs.

Bring a set of sheets and lotion


Counts for 8 continuing education credits with NCBTMB for massage therapists