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Family-Owned & Operated
It's G's muffin world......
We are just in it

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Our Story
Giovanna is a born baker.  She, with her MiMi and Mommy bake to relieve the burdens of the heavy word.  Baking makes everyone feel better :)
One day Giovanna shared some muffins with her MiMi and Mommy's friends, and they said they were the best darn muffins they ever tasted.  
"We should start a muffin making business" G said. 
And because the adults in her life pretty much do whatever G says, we started a muffin making business. 

G talked with a lot of people and decided that she wanted to offer gluten free options. "People with gluten allergies deserve good muffins too." G said.  So, she made the executive decision to offer any flavor muffin on the menu, gluten free upon request. 
Whenever possible she uses local ingredients. Sometimes from her mom's friend, Nichole's back yard garden.  Other times from the Ardmore Farmers Market, or local farms. 

When asked why she loves to bake she had one simple answer
"It is fun" 

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Giovanna "G"   


Nicole - Mommy

Quality Control

AKA- Taste Tester

Linda- MiMi

Operations Manager

Mildred Wilson - "Millie"

Crumb Catcher/

bowl licker


Smiling Sunrise 

Morning Glory

Fast Fuel

Bran (With or without raisins)

Messy Monkey

Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip

Nosy Nona

Italian Lemon Ricotta


Wacky Wonka

Double Chocolate

Groovy Garden

Mixed Local Berries

Cost- $3.00 Per Muffin

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G and her friend Maddie picking berries at Nichole's house.

G and her friend Maddie at MiMi's friend, Nichole's house  picking very very local berries!

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