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If you are a new student/client at Hummingbird, please click here to sign our online waiver.
The prices below are effective July 1, 2021
 purchases prior to July 1 at the previous prices will be honored.

Massage Therapy

60-Minute          $115
75-Minute          $135
90-Minute          $150
60-Minute Pre-Natal- $120

Massage With Owner (Linda Geraghty)
Packages not available for massage with owner
60 -Minute          $130
75-Minute           $155
90-Minute          $175

Hummingbird Facial
60-Minute         $115

For Massage with Linda, call the studio 610-955-3328
or email her at

Cupping, cold stones for sinus relief, Doterra Essential oils, Doterra Deep Blue Muscle Cream, Eminence Organics Body lotions and scrubs can be used during the session time for no additional charge.

Private Yoga
60- Minute Session       $80

Group Yoga (ONLINE)

In Person
90-Minute Private Reiki Session    $125

Recovery Dharma Meeting


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