Dan Staub

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Dan grew up and lives in suburban Philadelphia. He attended catholic education, grade school through college. After graduating from St Joseph’s University with a BA in Management/Marketing, he followed with a successful 40-year career in advertising and marketing for small businesses.

Dan’s athletic activities in High School and College turned to the study of martial arts to stay fit and counter the stress of a business career. Subsequently, Dan has trained in martial arts including Tai Chi, Bagua, and Tang Soo Do for 36 years and is a 5th-degree Karate Master. The
study and teaching of yoga is part of the journey from martial arts. Dan has been a certified yoga teacher for nine years. Karate, yoga, and mindful movement lead to meditation. All these skills develop a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. Meditation is an essential part of yoga and martial arts. Meditation is a practice that develops over time and practice.


Dan has been trained in Buddhist meditation by Sensei Jules Shuzen Harris at the Soji Zen Center. He also attended many meditation courses including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at University of Pennsylvania and Google’s “Search Inside Yourself.” He is grateful and humble to be able to share how the practice of meditation enhances all present daily activities.
He is convinced that we are only in the beginning of how this practice will reshape our understanding of what is now and how to mindfully proceed forward in our work, family, and social interactions.