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Deb Brownstein, CYT

Deb found yoga in 2008 while struggling with post-traumatic stress from pregnancy-related events.  It was through her practice that Deb found perspective, allowed to just "BE" in whatever state she was in, the weight of life shifted and became lighter, leaving behind clarity.  

The yogic path of healing revealed, she began her teacher certification in 2009 in Ashtanga.  In 2011, she found Alignment-based training and in 2012 Pre- and Post-natal training.  Always a beginner student, Deb seeks to understand daily life through the practice of yoga on and off the mat, weaving life's challenges into themes relevant to improving life one moment at a time.  


Deb's classes are fueled by the breath, discovered in poses crafted with alignment and intention, and often investigated by changing perspective (inverting) or balancing on hands and arms, playfully.  Deb strives to empower students to open up, feel safe, and embrace the challenge of themselves on the mat so that they too can experience the transformative power of the practice.

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