Christina Alden, RYT

Christina discovered yoga while coping with postpartum depression after the birth of her son.  Feeling lost and detached, she longed to find something to anchor her and breathe new life into her sails.  Christina fell in love with the asana practice, the movement and the flow, the stability and strength that yoga provided for her.  As a former schoolteacher, she realized that teaching runs deep in her blood, and her heart ached for the opportunity to teach and touch lives again.  In May 2015, with the encouragement and support of her teacher, Liz Shanefield of Sojourn Yoga, Christina completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training and has been happily teaching ever since.

Christina enjoys guiding her students through safe and responsible movement while offering the ability to find freedom, peace, and joy in their yoga practice.  She hopes each of her students can take all of these insights and gifts with them as they step off their mat, and embrace his or her life journey with more compassion, openness, and love.

"Yoga is a beautiful gift that we can continue to open, and discover something new and unique about ourselves each time we step onto our mats.  When we acknowledge and embrace all those beautiful discoveries as we move and breathe, then we have created space within ourselves to become more understanding, patient, compassionate, and loving. Imagine the possibilities and how glorious our world would become!"