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Ellen Sanders, RYT

Specialties: Addiction/Trauma Recovery Yoga, Restorative, All Levels

Ellen discovered yoga in 2003 when she was seeking a better, healthier way of living.  While at first yoga was primarily a form of exercise, it quickly became a way for Ellen to slow down enough so she could just be.  It then became the foundation for spirituality in Ellen’s life.  From early on in her practice, Ellen knew she wanted to become an instructor, but it wasn’t until becoming a regular practitioner at Hummingbird, that she felt the time, place, and circumstances of her life were aligned to make it a reality.  As an instructor, Ellen hopes to share how her experiences with yoga have influenced her own personal transformation and help make that accessible to others. 

When not on the mat, you'll find Ellen buried in a book, trying new recipes, or being silly with her husband and two young children.

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