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Noelle Hammerbacher, MS, RYT

Specialties: All Levels, Vinyasa, Proper Alignment, and Relaxation.

At the urging of a friend, Noelle took her first yoga class about 15 years ago and was totally captivated.   She was fascinated with the fact that, by simply focusing on her breath, she could empty her mind of its complex web of thoughts and just be present in the moment.  When she noticed that the physical and mental benefits of yoga were beginning to benefit her life outside the studio, she decided to truly dedicate herself to regular practice.

In 2009, Noelle signed up for yoga teacher training to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and to understand why her practice had had such a profound effect on her.  She learned so much during the training, and was surprised to find that she truly enjoyed sharing her yoga practice with others.  In fact, her personal practice was enhanced by teaching, and this was a benefit she was not expecting.

Noelle is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share her practice with her fellow students here at Hummingbird.

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