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Lisa Wilson, CYT

Specialties: Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga

When a friend invited her to attend at an Ashtanga Yoga class, Lisa found herself immediately hooked...and she went on to practice for the next 20 years.  Throughout motherhood, she found herself drawing upon the principles of yoga to help her children, her husband, and herself handle the exhilarating roller coaster of life.

After her children had grown and the pace of her life had slowed a bit, she found herself drawn to a gentler style of yoga: Hatha.  The Hatha approach to the mind-body-spirit connection spoke to her so deeply that she decided to pursue yoga teacher certification to further her own practice and to be able to pass along the benefits of yoga to others.

Lisa's deep sense of gratitude for what yoga provides is clear in each of her classes.  She feels fulfilled by the connections she makes with her students, and especially the connections she helps them to make within themselves.

Available for Private Instruction!  Email Lisa:

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