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Lisa DePaul, RYT

Lisa found yoga while looking for a way to cope with stress. She not only fell in love with the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga, but also developed a newfound sense of love and compassion for herself. From a deep appreciation and gratitude for yoga, she is inspired to share the healing benefits of yoga and wisdom of the mind-body connection with others. Professionally, Lisa has been working as a therapist in the field of addiction since 2013. Yoga has offered her the
balance, foundation and sanctuary for self-care that has helped her move forward professionally, earning her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and, most importantly, the ability to support
others through their journey in recovery. She has studied with Nikki Myers (Yoga and 12 Step Recovery Y12SR), Hala Khouri (Trauma Informed YTT), Dr. Melody Moore (Embody Love Movement) and Transformation Yoga Project. Lisa is committed to creating a safe space for her students and teaches all of her classes through a trauma-informed lens. Through gentle sequences, linking breath and movement, she hopes to inspire her students to connect with their authentic self and cultivate unconditional acceptance.

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