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Staci Doss, RYT

In 2013, Staci made drastic dietary changes in an attempt to heal.  She quickly learned it would take wholesale lifestyle changes to make a real difference.  True to her nature, she threw herself into meditation and yoga and hasn’t looked back. While the physical benefits initially drew her to yoga, the connection with self and distraction from the constant musings of the mind has become the main attraction.  


While on a yoga retreat in early 2016, she experienced a profound shift in her well-being and decided to pursue training to become an instructor and is a graduate of Hummingbird's first 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training class.  The experience has led to even more shifts and growth.  She is grateful to share the journey to well-being with her fellow practitioners.    


When she’s not on the mat, you can find Staci in the kitchen preparing nutrient-dense meals, researching healthy lifestyle habits, working on personal development, practicing for choir, and hanging out with her husband, son and puppy.

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