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Marine Leisy, CYT

Marine was introduced to yoga in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the practice. At first, it was primarily a way for her to get some exercise, but it quickly became so much more than that once she discovered the more introspective side of yoga. She began to take things she learned on the mat and found ways to apply them off the mat with the intention of leading a more mindful life. She views yoga as a means to deepen our relationship with ourselves, and as a reminder to celebrate our connection to the world around us.


As a graduate of Hummingbird’s first Yoga Teacher Training class, Marine is excited to bring a sense of playfulness and exploration to the mat, and hopes her students will find delight in what they discover about themselves and their capabilities in class.


When not on the mat, Marine enjoys spending time experimenting in the kitchen, riding her bike around town, cuddling with her cats, and playing disc-golf with her husband.

She also blogs sometimes - check it out

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