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Sarah Treat, RYT

Sarah, a suburban Philadelphia native, first came to yoga as a way to cope with stress.  She struggled with health issues throughout college, and yoga was the only place she was able to find some relief.  Once being diagnosed with Celiac disease, she regained her health.  Sarah quickly recognized yoga’s benefits beyond stress relief.  The time on her mat was transformed into a place to relearn and appreciate all that her body and mind are capable of.


Sarah has a passion for health and wellness promotion.  She loves yoga for the community and for all of the amazing benefits.  After earning her BS in Health Sciences from Drexel University in 2015, she pursued her love for yoga and completed her 200-hour teacher training.


She teaches fun and challenging vinyasa classes that encourage the mind-body connection.  Sarah is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space to spread the teachings of yoga.

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