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Tiffany Borsch, CYT

When Tiffany first discovered yoga in the late '90s, she was immediately drawn to the physical component of the practice - how moving in and out of poses demanded her attention and required her body to work hard. It was this initial step onto the mat that began the healing process to overcome a damaged relationship with her body.

During a 200-Hour Teacher Training, Tiffany deepened her relationship with herself and her practice by finding yoga as an avenue for spiritual awareness and growth.  Her class offers a supportive and empowering environment to celebrate your true inner beauty and inherent strength.  Through proper alignment and mindful breathwork, students will laugh, play and get stronger.  

Whether a beginning practitioner or experienced yogi, come to the mat with Tiffany to take care of yourself, feel confident in your body and have fun!  When she isn’t cultivating mindful awareness on the yoga mat, Tiffany enjoys adventuring with her family, crafting practical things out of unwanted materials, and feeling sand in between her toes.

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