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Emily Plagman, RYT

Emily stepped into her first yoga class at a hot yoga studio wanting to practice purely for the physical exercise of it all. She quickly found out that yoga offered something much deeper than that. She found that the practice allowed her to connect to her body in a way she hadn’t experienced before. It became a tool of healing in the midst of a difficult season in life. 

After moving to Atlanta and starting to work at the front desk of a yoga studio, she started to practice on a regular basis. Here Emily learned that there were many different types of yoga to experience besides just hot yoga. She started to realize that the practice was like a moving physical prayer, empowering her to find deeper restoration on her mat from the  natural disconnects between her body, soul, and mind. Soon after, she decided to start her 200-hour yoga teacher training journey knowing that she wanted to be a guide for others towards healing, restoration, and recovery. 


After completing her training in December, 2013, Emily started to seek out opportunities to teach in community spaces specifically for people in recovery from addiction and trauma. She taught yoga to women in recovery homes stepping out of addictions, women coming out of sex trafficking, youth in detention centers , as well as at-risk youth in the inner city. Seeing first-hand the benefits that yoga brought, it became clear to Emily that she wanted to continue making yoga accessible to these communities and offer yoga as a tool to anyone seeking restoration and refuge. 


Emily loves the beautiful way that yoga can cultivate strong community and real connections with others.

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