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Leslie Wright-Riley, RYT

Leslie began practicing when she was pregnant…really pregnant, not a graceful beginning! That was in 2002, and the desire to teach felt like a calling that shouldn’t be ignored. One more baby and a few more years of practice later… Leslie completed teacher training with the Pranakriya School of Healing Arts in 2007. Currently continuing to pursue her 500 hr. certificate.

Leslie is also a Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and her training comes from the Vedic Conservatory, the Thai Institute, and the Pranakriya School of Yoga. In Thai massage, there is no official certification. You honor the skill and lineage by training with good teachers and through practice. Leslie believes this ancient form of bodywork can be deeply relaxing and healing and can be tailored to suit the unique physical and emotional needs of each individual. She welcomes the opportunity to share this work at Hummingbird.

For Leslie it’s not an exaggeration to say that yoga has been completely transformative. Yes, it has made her physically stronger and more flexible. But more importantly, helped her grow strength and flexibility in the face of life’s challenges—and gratitude and lightness that guides her every day.

Leslie’s goal for yoga students is to guide both beginners and current practitioners to feel strong and flexible in body, mind and spirit. She focuses on how we respond to yoga’s challenging and strengthening in-the-body experiences, always guided by our how practice can be a powerful metaphor for our everyday challenges and joys.

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