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At Hummingbird, we offer body work modalities to help heal your body, as well as rejuvenate your mind and spirit. 

Massage Therapy

Hummingbird offers several different massage types so that you experience the full benefit of this kind of body work . Your appointment will be with a talented, dedicated therapist focused on you and your body's needs.


Another pathway to healing, reflexology concentrates on the physical tissues and meridians to release blocked energy. By working on the foot, hand, and face, Gabi Cipollone, our Certified Reflexologist, helps your body return to a state of balance that promotes healing.

Body Scrubs/Wraps

Hummingbird only uses Eminence Organics for  all of our scrubs and Wraps. Treat yourself to this sensory experience! Body scrubs not only exfoliate and nourish the skin, they relax the mind and soul. Body Scrubs/Wraps are a wonderful, restorative, nurturing experience on their own, or as an add-on to your massage or reflexology appointment!


Join Gabi for a relaxing and detoxifying foot bath that is sure to enlighten and amaze.


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